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Make informed, data-driven decisions, optimizing advertising strategies based on immediate insights.

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    100% accurate revenue attribution

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    Close to real time ad spend up to ad level

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    No 3rd party cookies required

Save time and achieve better results with RedTrack

100% accurate revenue attribution

We can match 100% of revenue to its origin ad based on your attribution model. Forget about late and missing conversions, always know which ads to scale and which to kill.

Track & attribute every channel

All Channels

RedTrack can handle it all: paid, partner, organic, and offline conversions. But we track campaigns across major ad networks like FB or TT better than anyone. We also provide API based cost updates, conversion API support and rule-based media-buying automation.

Track every step of the funnel.

No 3rd party cookies required

We mix server-side tracking with 1st party data to provide accuracy without compromising privacy. Smart, AI-based attribution is perfect for multi-browser, multi-channel funnels.

Conversion API

How can RedTrack help me?

  • Ad spend sync 30, 15, 5 minutes

  • AI assisted revenue attribution

  • Advanced integration with major ad networks

  • Automated Rules & Auto-optimization

  • Ads Manager as part of UI

  • Customizable reports with granular breakdowns

  • Team workspace with permission-based access

  • Single platform to track & scale