All customers get personal onboarding, responsive support and minimum 12 months of data retention.



14 day free
    • 300,000 clicks
    • 0.06 / k overcharge
    • Personal on-boarding
    • 3 custom domains
    • 12-month data retention
    • Core tracker features


Most popular
14 day free
    • 3,000,000 clicks
    • 0.04 / k overcharge
    • Dedicated manager
    • Unlimited domains
    • 12-month data retention
    • Starter features+
    • Impression tracking
    • Multiaccess
    • Post-events monitoring
    • Full-access API
    • 3rd party integrations


14 day free
      • 15,000,000 clicks
      • 0.034 / k overcharge
      • Dedicated manager
      • Unlimited domains
      • 24-month data retention
      • Pro features+
      • 3 free additional users
      • Publisher panel


Contact us
      • 50,000,000+ clicks
      • Dedicated manager
      • Unlimited domains
      • 24-month data retention
      • Business features+
      • Custom features
Compare plans
Starter Pro Business Custom
Plan summary $29 $79 $339 from $939
events per month 300,000 clicks 3,000,000 clicks 15,000,000 clicks 50,000,000+ clicks
overcap charge 0.06 / k overcap 0.04 / k overcap 0.034 / k overcap custom pricing
data retention 12-month data retention 12-month data retention 24-month data retention 24-month data retention
custom domains 3 custom domains unlimited domains unlimited domains unlimited domains
support tickets, emails tickets, emails tickets, emails, skype tickets, emails, skype
Tracking features Starter Pro Business Custom
https tracking domains
no-redirect tracking
parallel tracking (Adwords)
cookieless tracking
impression tracking

Track impressions of your ads at the price of $0,005 СРМ
impression forwarding
proxy filters
smart rotation
manual cost update
conversion statuses and upsells
conditional postbacks
auto-rules and alerts
Reporting features Starter Pro Business Custom
real-time reporting
30+ data parameters for click
grouping and drill-down
Fraud Report

Identify bot traffic in your campaigns. Contact us to activate it at the price of $0,10 CPM.
Organization Starter Pro Business Custom
multi access & shared reports
publisher sign-up
advertiser access
notifications & alerts
full-access API
Support Starter Pro Business Custom
personal onboarding
fast response e-mail support
account management
Skype / Telegram support
3rd party integration features Starter Pro Business Custom
conversion quality monitoring (FraudScore)
ClickBank S2S postback
GoogleAds S2S postback
GoogleAds campaign cost auto-update
Revconent campaign cost auto-update
BingAds campaign cost auto-update

Frequently asked questions

How does billing work?

You can choose to be billed on a monthly or yearly basis. With an annual subscription, you save up to 20% monthly.

How can I pay for my plan?

You can purchase a subscription plan using PayPal, credit card or wire transfer. Contact us at if need help to complete a purchase.

What happens if I exceed the clicks provided by free plan / my subscription?

First, you will receive email notifications when your click usage is nearing its limit.

Secondly, the tracking process does not stop even after you exceed the number of clicks included in your plan. To access your data on free plan, simply upgrade to one of the plans with higher limit. For paid subscriptions you can either purchase add-on or pay for events overuse with the next subscription automatically.

Where can I check my payments?

You can find the billing history right in your RedTrack account under the Setting tab. Or contact our support team for assistance.

None of the plans suits my needs. Can I customize it?

Yes. If none of the current plans meet your needs, we can make a custom plan that would be tailored to your requirements. Contact us at to discuss the details.

Please note, that our former half-pro and half-business plans are available as annual subscriptions only.

Is my data secure with RedTrack?

Аll clients’ information is encrypted, and we do not have any access to it. Our support team can have limited access to clients’ account based on their permission.

RedTrack has its customers and their trust as top priority. If you have any information regarding your account security, information access, and procedures – please ask us for details.

How can I receive training or step-by-step setting instructions?

After signing up, we would advise you to check out RedTrack overview video and refer to our onboarding guidelines for a smooth and easy start. Or you can contact us at and schedule a Skype demo session.

Do I need my own server to use RedTrack?

RedTrack is a SaaS solution, which means we store and retain your data. Forget about additional costs of purchasing and maintaining your own server — we will take care about everything for you with our Cloud-based solution. And we scale as you grow.

RedTrack offers a free 14 days trial. Only email required. Start your free trial