Stop ad waste with data and automation

Ad waste prevention is crucial to direct budget towards channels and campaigns that generate tangible returns, ultimately improving cost efficiency.

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    Real-time ROI data

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    Turn insights into actions

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    Stop ad waste with “stop” rules

Real time ROI data

RedTrack provides users with real-time insights into ad performance and ROI results. API integrations for major ad networks, including FB, TT and Google to provide accurate cost updates up to ad level. Apps for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and other popular backends ensure revenue is captured and attributed. As a result you can spot ad wasters real time, and stop them.

Receive ad cost updates as frequent as possible

Stop ad waste with “stop” rules

RedTrack automation rules allow you to set up benchmarks for ad performance. Rules provide 24/7 monitoring and immediate action followed up by notification. So when you or your media buyers are sleeping, RedTrack continuously monitors ad performance and guards your ROI.

No more ad spend waste with RedTrack

How can RedTrack help me?

  • Ad spend sync 30, 15, 5 minutes

  • AI assisted revenue attribution

  • Advanced integration with major ad networks

  • Automated Rules & Auto-optimization

  • Ads Manager as part of UI

  • Customizable reports with granular breakdowns

  • Team workspace with permission-based access

  • Single platform to track & scale