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Remove the uncertainty surrounding your marketing decisions

A single platform that combines every aspect of your marketing strategy together. Use data in order to make profitable business decisions.

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A single performance marketing platform that has it all

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See how RedTrack works for you

Forget about multiple spreadsheets!
Get all data in a single platform

Have peace of mind while having all of your marketing data in one place. No more downloading
CSVs and spreadsheets. Only a holistic performance data overview united in a single platform.

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Unbiased first-party data for marketers

With RedTrack privacy-first technology, you receive all of the necessary performance data about your visitors while remaining compliant. We assure that you will receive both accurate data and insights in order to invest into the right channels and campaigns.

  • IconServer-to-server tracking

  • IconData hashing on the fly

  • IconGDPR & CCPA compliant

  • IconSecure data centers all around the globe

  • IconRaw & first-party data

How RedTrack helps marketers across the globe


    The best thing about Redtrack is their customer service. Their software has also solved our problem of innacurate reporting on FB Ads Manager. They are constantly staying in touch with their customers and rollling out new fixes and updates as well, so that's pretty great and I know I can rely on them.


    Best SaaS tracker out there for FB. They are continually improving features and constantly innovating... in one year they have advanced so much, cant wait to see whats next :) 🙏


    So I was totally confused, lost, & overwhelmed with how to implement the Facebook conversion API. But with RedTrack's Facebook conversion API solution, my business now has the the FB conversion API successfully setup & working!! THANK YOU RedTrack!

  • IconWilliam P

    Redtrack is the secret of my success. It is an ad network agnostic tracking platform that allows me to pass real conversion values back to each ad network without reinventing the wheel for each of those networks. Instead, I drop one code from Redtrack on the landing page and I can send

  • IconAman P

    Icon is an awesome Ad tracking platform. Before I came to know about this platform, I fully relied on Google and Funnel Analytics, but the data send by pixel was inaccurate.

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    Every day we have to deal with a huge amount of ad data. RedTrack has become an essential tool for our team as we see the whole picture of all ad campaigns efficiency and can make better investment decisions.

    Andrius ValatkaYNOT Media Founder


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