Campaign reports made for affiliates and media-buying teams

With RedTrack’s reports you will find all the needed metrics and templates to prevent ad waste, and scale your affiliate ROI.

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    Real-time reports

    See clicks, conversions, ad spend, and revenue in real-time

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    Data-grouping and drill-downs

    Slice and dice the data to generate insights

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    Ad spend and revenue sync

    Update ad spend and revenue effortlessly with pre-built API

Save time and achieve better results with RedTrack

Single source of truth

Measure all your campaigns with one ad tracking tool. Accurate data for Meta (FB), Google, TikTok & other ad networks even after iOS 14. Understand what delivers ROI, stop budget-wasting combinations, and scale winning ads:

  • create custom reports

  • monitor ad spend, returns, and ROI across multiple dimensions

  • compare traffic costs and affiliate network payouts, even if they use different currencies with multi-currency support

Track & attribute every channel

Data at your service

You can have reports for any object, drill down up to five levels across 50+ data points, apply filters, create custom views, and save templates. Hey, you can even make sticky columns. And all this across:

  • Campaign report

  • Offer reports

  • Traffic channel reports

  • Offer source reports

  • Publisher performance reports

Track every step of the funnel.

Measure the true impact that every channel creates

Facebook and Google only report conversions that happen on their channels, often creating a false vision of what’s working. Multi-channel marketing requires another approach. RedTrack provides an unbiased (1st party data) view of attribution across all marketing channels.

Track every step of the funnel.

How can RedTrack help me?

  • Ad spend sync 30, 15, 5 minutes

  • AI assisted revenue attribution

  • Advanced integration with major ad networks

  • Automated Rules & Auto-optimization

  • Ads Manager as part of UI

  • Customizable reports with granular breakdowns

  • Team workspace with permission-based access

  • Single platform to track & scale