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Ad Tracker for E−commerce

Gain timely and insightful reports. Measure the value of each stage of your customer journey and optimize ROAS.

Benefits for e-commerce business

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Speed up daily reporting

Spend no time on building formulas and collecting data in excel docs. Get access to powerful dashboards that show all KPIs about your media buying and affiliate performance real-time.

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Measure your multi-channel advertising

Monitor where traffic is coming from in a simple and straightforward way. Know which visits become conversions and allocate budget to what’s working best and eliminate wasted ad spend.

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Overcome the challenge of cookie blindness

Demise of 3rd party cookies makes accurate tracking and attribution difficult, if not impossible. With RedTrack cookieless tracking solution, fill the gaps and gain full control over the performance of each step of your customers’ journey.

RedTrack is integrated with major e-com systems and advertising platforms

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Powerful analytics platform for E-commerce businesses

Maximize ROAS

Maximize ROAS by ideal budget allocation

Accurate and timely e-commerce reporting provides actionable insights that will help you to continually improve your customer acquisition metrics and KPIs. Benefit our auto-rules that constantly analyze all your clicks and conversions and make automated improvements on traffic distribution.

Consolidate media buying data

Consolidate your media buying & affiliate marketing

Automatically aggregate data from your paid and organic advertising campaigns, and unite it with the performance of your affiliate programs.

  • Automate a/b tests

    Test different advertising funnels for best performance.

  • Control entire customer journey

    Track up to 10 custom conversion types, e.g. add-to-card, upsell, etc.

  • Build your brand

    Grow your white-labeled affiliate programs.

  • Manage affiliates’ performance

    Track performance, sales, and commissions.

What our Customers say

-"Great ad tracker with amazing support"

RedTrack is a great pick for those who run Facebook, Google Ads, and Bing Ads campaigns because of a direct API integration that uploads conversions to these ad sources.

I always suggest RedTrack to my clients when they need a complex funnel stitching solution for their web portals as well, i.e. have many inbound traffic sources and outbound offers — a setup that goes beyond the standard landing page with a list of offers.

-"Great tracking tool"

Great tracking tool. Well structured inside, has a variety of tools for testing and tracking. Team is very supportive and responsive. Personal approach (is the best approach). It feels that RedTrack team works to meet clients needs. You can really built long-term with them.

Thanks Guys!

Exceptional customer service (Vlad & Aksana are really amazing) and one of the best trackers in the market. Definitely recommended .slide

- "Great choice"

Kind and friendly support staff help in any situation. Software has all the features that other trackers have plus some new ones. They value user feedback and implement changes requested. Great value for money.

- "Awesome product and service"

Awesome product, its the greatest product i have encountered for tracking. it's not expensive, and getting great value for money, and on top of that service is great!

Easy to start. Transparent pricing based on usage




Leverage advanced analytics and automation to boost your ROI

Unlimited campaigns

Unlimited conversions

Advanced Reporting & Targeting

Unlim custom domains

Impression tracking


White-label publisher panel

Additional team users

White-label reporting portal




Skyrocket your business with white-label solution and advanced functionality

Unlimited campaigns

Unlimited conversions

Advanced Reporting & Targeting

Unlim custom domains

Impression tracking


White-label publisher panel

Additional team users

White-label reporting portal

Getting started is easy

See how RedTrack can fit your needs as an e-commerce business