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Unlock full funnel visibility with customer journey report

Customer Journey Reports from RedTrack provide a comprehensive view of the entire funnel, from the first ad click to the purchase

Enhance your campaign optimization and decision-making process

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How can RedTrack help me?

  • Cost transparency

    Gain control over costs of all of your advertising in a single interface.

  • Data breakdowns

    Go as granular as your need to get the answers about your performance.

  • No spreadsheets

    Single platform combining all marketing activities reporting in one place.

  • Automation toolset

    Say goodbye to manual stalking of your ads and let our technology automate it.

  • Team workspace

    Collaborate with your team effectively, share reports, give our different access levels.

  • 200+ integrations

    Turnkey integrations with ad channels, e-commerce platforms, affiliate networks, etc.

A single platform to manage e-com campaigns

  • Tracking & Attribution

    Tracking & Attribution

    Attribute 100% of your revenue to the right ads with RedTrack.

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  • Ad Automation

    Ad Automation

    Automate your campaigns with Advanced Rules to avoid routine tasks.

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  • Facebook ad tracking

    Ad management in RedTrack

    Turn ads on & off straight from RedTrack UI.

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  • Conversion Path Report

    Conversion Path Report

    Explore the conversion path user takes before the purchase.

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