Unlock the full potential
of your e-com business

We launch an Unlock plan to help scale your e-com store at no cost based on reliable data.

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  • Benefits:

    With Unlock plan you can attribute 100% of revenue, improve conversion numbers and get better insights into marketing campaigns.

  • Can I get Unlock plan?

    Unlock plan is for 1 e-commerce store with less than $25,000 monthly revenue, using Shopify or WooCommerce engine.

  • I am using Google Analytics, shall I switch to RedTrack?

    Universal GA is set for sunset in July`23. You can proceed with GA4 or choose easy to implement solution with full CAPI support.

  • What if I need more than that?

    When your revenue exceeds 25k/mo, or you need additional automation features, you can upgrade to paid plans, saving your integrations and data.

Why your store needs RedTrack.io?

Single platform for
e-com media buyers

  • Access all analytics in 1 place, save your time & increase efficiency

  • Improve conversion numbers with valuable insights in your marketing campaigns performance

  • Boost conversion rates and maximize ROI

Single platform for e-com media buyers.

See accurate results.

RedTrack is an unbiased source of truth for your paid ads. You get:

  • Performance dashboards & reports to explore data

  • Attribution you can control

  • Customer journey analysis with Conversion Path report

Over-reporting? Under-reporting? See accurate results.

Boost conversion rates

RedTrack replicates pixel behaviour with no 3rd party cookies.

  • Feed AI: send conversion data back to your channels

  • Invite better optimization for higher CR

  • Set Rules to eliminate manual work

Boost conversion rates

What do you Unlock for your brand?

  • Accurate revenue attribution with Shopify app or WooCommerce plugin 🛠️

  • Accurate and real-time conversion data up to ad or keyword level 📡

  • Conversion path report across all channels from ad to purchase 🎯

  • Built-in Conversion API:

  • Start scaling your e-com instantly, and free.

    ❌ Ad waste 🚀 ROI