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CAPI Integrations

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Easily integrate your ad channels with CAPI, connect your e-com platforms & other marketing tools

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One-click integration with 200+ networks and tools

RedTrack offers seamless integrations with multiple ad channels and networks, as well as e-commerce platforms and other tools you might want to use. Integrate, sync and manage everything in a single platform.

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Still rely on pixels and 3rd party cookies that don’t perform as they used to?


GDPR, iOS 14 update, and other cookie-consent regulations made accurate conversion tracking and attribution no longer possible (unless you’re a developer). As a result, marketers struggle to measure the true impact of their channels and campaigns. But it should not be that way!

RedTrack connects 1st party visitor data and sales data from your CRM to show you the visitors’ journey from ad click to conversion and ensure accurate revenue attribution.

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Get a unified view of your customer acquisition strategy

Measure conversions from all your channels in one place and monitor every aspect of your acquisition strategy. Monitor your performance through highly customisable and consistent reports.


Enrich ad platform algorithms with data for better optimization

RedTrack integrates directly with Facebook, Google, TikTok, and other Conversion APIs’. That helps us send enriched conversion (hashed) data back to Facebook for better ad optimization and Event Match quality.


Analyze post-conversion events

Ad platforms miss the recurring conversions and revenue that happens after the first event. With RedTrack, fill the gaps in attribution window, and report recurring events even if the marketing campaign has ended.


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