Mobile Conversion Tracking with Go2mobi

We’re excited to share good news with our users, as announces its partnership with Go2mobi.

What does this mean? Now, it only takes a few seconds and the same amount of clicks to set up tracking of your mobile advertising campaigns with Go2mobi.

Go2mobi is a mobile-first programmatic advertising platform that helps agencies, brands, trading desks, and app marketers reach the specific mobile audience segments that drive performance and ROI.

As an industry-leading platform, Go2mobi offers many advanced features in mobile marketing, including:

• Access to over 750M apps, games and leading mobile websites through their mobile DSP;

• Ultra granular realtime reporting and micro bidding on deep traffic pockets;

• Control over the KPIs with Go2mobi’s performance targeting features;

• Access to top-tier customer service, with fast approvals;

• Daily budget/placement spending cap;

• Audience, geo, domain and bundleID targeting;

• Auto-optimization and much more.

Don’t miss your chance to get a special Go2mobi bonus for RedTrack users only — 20% discount on your first deposit of $500 or $1000. To access the bonus, email the code REDTRACK to and the discount will be applied to your account.

With Go2mobi added as a trusted traffic source, RedTrack users save time on the setup process, as all the necessary settings for postback URL are already pre-set.

Access our step-by-step user guide to integrate mobile conversion tracking with Go2mobi, found in our Knowledge Base here.

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