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guide to using linkedin for b2b sales

Guide To Using LinkedIn For B2B Sales: 7 Tips

Although you might not have considered it before, LinkedIn is a powerhouse for B2B marketing and generating sales leads.  However,…

is zero-party data worth the hype

Zero-party data VS first-party data: why you should not forget about first-party?

It all started with one LinkedIn post. Then another one. Then I saw it’s not just sporadic info, but rather…

are native ads still popular

Are Native Ads Still Popular?

In Westworld’s pilot episode, a protagonist asks his humanoid hostess if she’s “real”. She replied: “Well if you can’t tell,…

how to advertise with youtube

How to Make the Most of Your Marketing with YouTube Videos

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool that businesses of all sizes can use to their advantage. With over 1 billion…

marketing attribution explained

What is Marketing Attribution? Attribution models explained!

On average, from the experience of our clients, you have anywhere from 3 to 5 different touchpoints with the customers…

guide to high-converting content optimization

A Guide to Creating High-Converting Content in 2022

Content marketing works like a charm if you do it right. Specialists can achieve pretty good results when it comes…

How to track TikTok Ads: TikTok Pixel VS Custom Tracking Solution

Since TikTok Ads is running the show in 2022, we as marketers have to find the best way to track…

5 digital marketing trends 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2022

It’s important to start the marketing year with some inspirations & knowledge boost, so I prepared for you 5 trends…

partnership portal redtrack

How to use partnership marketing with RedTrack? Partnership Portal explained!

Lately, there’s so much buzz around partnership marketing. While it’s hard to figure out which types of marketing are fitting…

How to advertise with TikTok 2022

How to advertise with TikTok Ads: Best Practices for 2022

While many advertisers are getting more and more upset with Facebook Ads, the new channels for advertising grab our attention….