S2S Conversion Tracking with ClickBank

ClickBank is a well-known and one of the oldest affiliate networks on the internet that started long ago in 1998, somewhere in the startup-garage of San Diego.

ClickBank focuses on informational and lifestyle products, educational and nutritional verticals. You will find there a lot of courses, books, guides and health products to sell.

Today there are millions of entrepreneurs that work with ClickBank in 190 countries around the world, therefore courses and tutorials about ClickBank are one of the most popular in the field of affiliate marketing, reaching hundreds of thousands of views. In other words, ClickBank is a big thing and today we have finished its integration to RedTrack with S2S Postback URL Tracking.

Why it’s great for anyone who works with Clickbank?

There is no native option for S2S Postback Tracking with ClickBank, but we managed to make it, and now it’s available through RedTrack. Our integration requires only drag & drop of technical links. The majority of ClickBank affiliates use only Tracking Pixel, which sometimes can be not as good as you need it to be.

What are the benefits of using S2S Postback Tracking:

– Accurate measurement of conversions – you can’t get different numbers with your Advertiser.

– There are less opportunities for fraud, and information about the clicks goes to different sides when they occur.  

– You don’t lose a conversion if user simply deleted browser cookies.

– You receive more data after advertising campaigns.

If you want to see a detailed comparison of S2S Postback Tracking and Tracking Pixel, read our recent article.

How we’ve made it

Usually, Trackers are using ClickBank’s integration API, and for now there is no available option for S2S Postback Tracking, but we have created S2S integration on our own. At once, working with ClickBank and using S2S Postback Tracking is as easy, as inserting one line of code in the right place. The time when you needed to create your own php file with settings, and upload it to ClickBank, is gone.

You can also read our step-by-step guide of how to integrate ClickBank to RedTrack here.

How to add ClickBank as a Traffic Source in RedTrack


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