RedTrack’s Midsummer Sale 2024!

midsummer sale 2024

Summer’s here, and so is RedTrack’s hottest deal of the season! Whether you’re flying solo or part of a bustling team, our Midsummer Sale is the perfect chance to power up your campaigns with RedTrack’s robust tracking tools – at a seriously cool price.

Savings just for you

Kick off your summer with a refreshing 30% off your first payment or go all in with a 30% discount on our annual subscriptions. Here’s what your savings could look like (for affiliate plans):

  • Solo: Regular price $1,490/year, sale price $1,250/year. Savings: $240.
  • Team Plan: Regular price $3,990/year, sale price $3,350/year. Savings: $640.
  • Brand Plan: Regular price $3,990/year, sale price $3,350/year. Savings: $640.
  • Agency Plan: Regular price $9,990/year, sale price $8,390/year. Savings: $1600.

midsummer sale 2024

Essential add-ons

This isn’t just about great prices; it’s about getting more out of every ad dollar with RedTrack’s features:

  • Cost updates: Real-time. Across all major ad networks, including Facebook, TikTok, Google, YouTube, and Bing, with up to 5-min cost update frequency up to ad level. Save up to $1600 for 15 min cost update, and up to $3200 for 5 min one.
  • Auto-optimization: Set your campaigns to optimize automatically based on performance data. Save time and boost ROI without lifting a finger.
  • All-in-one dashboards: Get constant updates on costs and revenue, scale winning campaigns, and manage all channels from a single dashboard.
  • Advanced reporting: Monitor every channel in real-time from one dashboard. Drill down up to five levels across 50+ data points, apply filters, create custom views, and save templates.
  • Collaboration: Save time by keeping processes simple, sharing access, and automating tasks. So your team can focus on KPIs and progress.

Why RedTrack?

Trusted by leading industry experts, RedTrack simplifies campaign tracking across multiple platforms, ensuring you’re always on top of your digital game. From auto-optimization to in-depth analytics, our tools are designed to help you make smarter, faster marketing decisions.

Don’t Miss Out!

These deals are just for the summer, so don’t let them melt away. Upgrade your ad tracking with RedTrack and turn this season into your most profitable yet. Swing by our website, grab the discount, and start optimizing today.

Enjoy the sunshine and savings with RedTrack’s Midsummer Sale!

midsummer sale 2024

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