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facebook attribution

What’s wrong with Facebook conversion tracking & attribution? 

There’s no need to state again that from the beginning of 2021 Facebook conversion tracking and attribution got messed up….

how to prepare ecom store for black friday

How to prepare eCom store for Black Friday

As marketers we know, starting October and up until January there will be no rest — the holiday season (Black…

what is ad tracking

What is Ad Tracking?! And How to Do it?

Millions of creatives, copies, designs, tests, brainstorms. It’s very easy to get caught up in a daily marketing routine of…

RedTrack as a eCom Facebook Conversion API solution

Facebook Conversion API for eCom (Shopify, WooCommerce & others)

We are sure it’s not the first time you hear about the iOS 14 update this year. Apple made the…

What happened with Google Ads after iOS 14.5

I know we are all kinda tired from “iOS 14” titles, but it’s still here. And only now we begin…

Aggregated Events Measurement

Everything You Need to Know about Aggregated Events Measurement

When Apple released the iOS 14 update, Facebook had to play the game under different conditions. FB released a bunch…

redtrack product

RedTrack’s Product Update (Late spring 2021)

You all know that RedTrack’s team has been working very very hard on Facebook CAPI integration. We didn’t just release…

25 Ways to Promote Your Business in 2021

When digital marketing entered the room, we got so many ways to advertise a business. But some of the creative…

google ads vs facebook ads

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Is Better

When we choose to run paid ads we face a major question: Google Ads VS Facebook Ads. Even though many…