cookieless advertising

privacy-friendly tracking & analytics

What is privacy-friendly tracking & analytics in advertising?

For every business owner or marketer, it had to be clear by now that we stepped into a highly privacy-regulated…

is zero-party data worth the hype

Zero-party data VS first-party data: why you should not forget about first-party?

It all started with one LinkedIn post. Then another one. Then I saw it’s not just sporadic info, but rather…

5 changes in Google Privacy Sandbox 2022

Did you see scary titles about Google Privacy Sandbox for Android and move to Google Analytics 4? Do you need…

facebook attribution

What’s wrong with Facebook conversion tracking & attribution? 

There’s no need to state again that from the beginning of 2021 Facebook conversion tracking and attribution got messed up….

What happened with Google Ads after iOS 14.5

I know we are all kinda tired from “iOS 14” titles, but it’s still here. And only now we begin…

cookie tracking

Browsers’ policies updates. Should we forget about cookie-based tracking?

Google’s cookie crackdown: are marketers ready to give up ad trackers? – The third-party browser tracking cookie is dead….