Why RedTrack.io?

RedTrack.io team focuses on constant improvement and innovation. We add a lot of new functionality based on feedback we receive from our users.
If you feel there is a feature missing – reach out to us and we will do our best to deliver.

Tracking / Campaigns

Click tracking

track clicks across display, mobile, app, native, push, e-mail, organic etc. If there is a click – we can track it.

HTTPS tracking urls

https tracking to stay in compliance.

Custom domain URLs

add as many domains as you need, and use them for click tracking and conversion postbacks.

Stream Templates

re-use stream settings across multiple campaigns and apply changes fast

Parallel Tracking

works with GoogleAds using {gclid}

E-com / Advertiser friendly tracking

track and correctly attribute across multiple campaigns send to one lading page or site with a simple script. Works with GoogleAds, Facebooks and other sources not supporting redirects

No-redirect tracking

track organic, Facebook or Google Ads traffic – whatever your needs are. No redirects, same benefits.

Impression tracking

track impressions for your ads.

Impressions forwarding

complete impression tracking cycle by sending them to your advertisers.

Hide refer (hidden redirect)

hide referrer during redirect through meta-refresh, java script or server obfuscation.

CPC campaigns

track CPS campaign costs dynamically or using pre-set values.

CPA/CPI campaigns

track CPA/CPI campaigns costs.

CPM campaigns

track CPM campaign costs either dynamically (impression tracking required) or through update campaign costs.

RevShare campaigns

run RevShare campaigns with real-time conversion and cost reporting to publishers.

Dynamic click cost

dynamic click cost recording with designated click cost tracking macro.

Dynamic impression cost

dynamic impression cost recording with designated impression cost tracking macro.

Campaign cost update

update campaign costs manually or via API.

Campaign tags

organise/ group campaigns using tags.

Campaign notes

use notes to mark and track campaign changes.

Campaign statuses

pause and archive campaigns to keep data and remove clutter.

Clone campaigns

quickly build-up multiple tracking URLs through campaign cloning.

Export campaign list

export campaign list if needed.


Campaign reporting

real-time reports on campaign performance – impressions, clicks and conversions across 30+ data attribution points.

Offer traffic reporting

real-time reports on offer performance – impressions, clicks and conversions across all campaigns involved.

Offer conversion reporting

real-time, in-depth analytics into conversions data.

Traffic source reporting

aggregated reporting across all campaigns for a given traffic source.

Data attribution 30+ points

30+data attribution points based on Digital Elements, 51degrees and traffic source data.

Report grouping

group reports up to 3 levels to allow visual data drill-downs.

Report filtering

filter report data to focus on what is essential for you.

Report templates

save report templates to quickly build reports and analyse data from campaign to campaign.

Last 60 minutes data slice

special data slice for those sending large volumes of traffic to track change real-time.

Export Reports

export data to CSV or via API.

Consolidated Reports

view data aggregated on offer, Traffic source or Offers source level


Unlimited redirect streams

unlimited number of redirect stream allows flexible traffic distribution and higher conversion rate.

Redirect based on weight

control the volume of the traffic redirected to stream, landing or offer based on manually or automatically designated weight.

A/B test redirects

run simple or complex split tests to quickly identify winning combinations and maximise your ROI.

Redirect based on 18 filter types

filter and manage redirect rules based on 18 different filters to get maximum results.

Redirect filter pre-sets

save time using pre-set filters.

Redirect filters based on subid

use traffic source data to manage stream redirects.

Landing page management

Landing page offer rotation

rotate offers assigned to landing page click URL.

Landing page multi-offer

run multiple offer urls simultaneously – good for e-com, listicles and offer walls.

Landing page protection

protect your landing page from being followed by spy-tool bots.

Extra data for landing page

auto-populate landing page by data from RedTrack.io and traffic source macro content.

Lander tags

organize landing pages with tags.


add pre-landing and landing pages to create multi-step funnels

Offer / Offer source management

Affiliate network templates

one-click affiliate network integration – no need to wrap your head around those macros and postbacks.

Duplicate postback – create new

create new conversion on duplicate postback.

Duplicate postback – ignore

do not create new conversion on duplicate postback.

Duplicate postback – update

edit existing conversion on duplicate postback.

Duplicate postback – increment payout

increment existing conversion payout on duplicate postback – great for tracking deposits, recurring purchases, etc.

Transaction tracking

track purchase as a separate conversion type to get extra insight into ad performance.

Custom events tracking

track unlimited custom events for each conversion.

Conversion window

automatically reject conversion after x-days

Postback IP whitelist

allow postbacks only from whitelisted IPs.

Custom conversions

Set up up 10 ten custom conversion events and show them in reports to track multi-step customer journey

Conversion subid tracking

track 10 additional subids for each conversion.

Postback protection

add secret key to protect your postbacks

Conversion cap

limit offer traffic based on conversions.

Frequency cap

limit redirection to offer traffic based on unique visitor cap.

Upload conversions

add conversion data from file, manually or via API for manual tests or other reasons.

Custom postback domains

use custom domains to receive postbacks.

Upload offers

Add multiple offers fast using offer upload feature.

Traffic Source Management

Traffic source templates

one-click traffic source integration – no need to wrap your head around those macros and postbacks.

S2S postback

S2S postback to traffic source. You can set the trigger and declared payout amount.

Pixel postback

call traffic source pixel (limited) – works for no-script part.

API-based cost update

get campaign costs automatically, on schedule for supported traffic sources.

API conversion postback (Google Ads)

S2S postbacks to Google that work in pair with Parallel or no-redirect tracking.

Parallel tracking (Google Ads)

track Google Ads campaigns with Google Parallel tracking.

Subid alias / custom subids

use custom param names instead of “subx”.


Performance based rules

automatically change stream/landing/offer weight in rotation based on performance rules.

20+ API integrated traffic sources

Automate campaign management and decrease loss by creating “stop” rules to pause campaigns, creatives or placements when KPIs go down.

Rules & notifications

Set up e-mail and web-hook notifications for non-integrated traffic sources.

Advanced features

White label reporting portal

Set-up white-label reporting portal for advertisers to provide them with real-time access to report. Save time by not doing “cut and paste” job

White label publisher panel

Create one or multiple white label publisher panels to manage your affiliates. Assign view, rules and rights.


Click quality report

monitor your traffic quality and pin-down fraud with click quality analysis.

Fraudscore conversion integration

automatically send and check conversions to FraudScore.

User management/multi-access

Hide financial data

if activated – no revenue and dependant data is shown.

Read only access

allow read-only access to chosen section of the account data.

Export data access

allow export the data.

Limit by app sections

allow access (read / write / edit) to a section of the master account.

Limit by traffic source

show traffic ONLY from designated traffic sources.

Limit by Network

show offers ONLY for designated affiliate networks.



works as fast as your browser.

Inline controls

less clicks – more time.

Colour coding based on results

evaluate performance without checking each line.

Show / hide columns

get only the data you need.

Re-arrange columns

get the data in the order you need.

Language support

English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese.

Tools and integrations

Interface API

access RedTrack.io via API and build custom functionality.

Reporting API

access data via API.

Bot black list

filter out bots before they perform action – not counted towards event count.

Click logs

detailed log for all clicks with ability to sort / filter or export data.

Converions logs

detailed log for all conversions received with ability sort, filter or export data.

Postback logs

detailed log for all postbacks send to traffic source with the ability sort, filter or export data.

Fallback URL

safety net to prevent click loss based on mistakes in rules, filters and caps.

Geo location data

Integrated DigitalElement, best geolocation data in the industry.

Device Data

Integrated 51degrees, best device data in the industry.

Support and services

Data retention

we provide at least 12 month data retention for all RedTrack.io users.

Customer support

all users get access to help desk / support.

Account managements

available for customers looking to get additional attention. Honestly – not used as we have excellent support.

User on-boarding

group and one-on-one sessions to get you up to speed with the product or new features.


extensive information for those who like to find answers on their own.

YouTube channel

videos – from informative, to educational to just funny (well, we plan to).

Telegram channel

a nice place to stay updated real-time and draw attention to your requests fast. We hope someday other users will start answering questions too 🙂

SLA for custom subs

yes, we do those, although our performance and support is great out of the box.