Click Quality

Get a complete overview of the
traffic you buy. Stop wasting
money on suspicious clicks.

Protect your advertising investments

RedTrack helps you to analyze click quality real time.
Know exactly how much you are spending on non-human clicks.

Click checker
Within comprehensive reports, see if your ad receives real clicks or they are fake.

Advanced report
Drill down analysis and create custom reports with 20+ metrics to see where you lose money.

Anti-fraud protect
Get a broad picture of the traffic you buy and blacklist the sources where you waste money.

Save your costs by having a holistic overview of your ad campaign
performance all in one place –

Activate at the price of 0,10$ CPM (10 cents for 1,000 clicks)!

I’m using Fraud Report by RedTrack for checking my push traffic now. Like everything on RedTrack, it’s simple, efficient and affordable.

While testing fraud check with my ad campaigns I came to several big and bad surprises:

  1. If I breakdown the report by push providers, I had a percentage of 20% to 40% of bad clicks.
  2. The worst of all, apparently, is that if I breakdown by “source id” (from each specific traffic provider), results aren’t so different. I mean, there is a high percentage of bad traffic in analyzed sources.

Since now I have all this data in my RedTrack panel — I see where I have fraudulent clicks. With this information, I’m going to talk to all providers about that and see what they will say to me.