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Benefits for Advertisers

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Speed up daily reporting

Spend no time on building formulas and collecting data in excel docs. Get access to powerful dashboards that show all KPIs about your media buying and affiliate performance real-time.

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Measure your multi-channel advertising

Monitor where traffic is coming from in a simple and straightforward way. Know which visits become conversions and allocate budget to what’s working best and eliminate wasted ad spend.

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Overcome the challenge of cookie blindness

Demise of 3rd party cookies makes accurate tracking and attribution difficult, if not impossible. With RedTrack cookieless tracking solution, fill the gaps and gain full control over the performance of each step of your customers’ journey.

RedTrack is integrated with major e-com systems and advertising platforms

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Powerful analytics platform for Advertisers

Maximize ROAS

Maximize ROAS by ideal budget allocation

Accurate and timely reporting provides actionable insights that will help you to continually improve your customer acquisition metrics and KPIs. Benefit our auto-rules that constantly analyze all your clicks and conversions and make automated improvements on traffic distribution.

Consolidate media buying data

Consolidate your media buying & affiliate marketing

Automatically aggregate data from your paid and organic advertising campaigns, and unite it with the performance of your affiliate programs.

  • Automate a/b tests

    Test different advertising funnels for best performance.

  • Control entire customer journey

    Track up to 10 custom conversion types, e.g. add-to-card, upsell, etc.

  • Build your brand

    Grow your white-labeled affiliate programs.

  • Manage affiliates’ performance

    Track performance, sales, and commissions.

What our users say?

Hundreds of industry professionals rely on to track, manage and optimize their campaigns

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The problem is that you need a solution that, on the one hand, has a variety of advanced features able to help you with ad management & optimization routine, and, on the other, is cost-effective. That’s why we chose RedTrack.

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RedTrack tracking and automation features along with convenient reports made it much easier for us to make things done and gain valuable insights and trends with less effort. All this has certainly had a positive impact on our operational efficiency as well as the quality of services we provide to our clients.

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A major reason why we needed the ad tracker solution was for compiling and sending reports on performance traffic to our strategic partners and to further our effective monetization of remnant traffic. We found all these and even more within RedTrack.

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Every day we have to deal with a huge amount of ad data. The more clients we have, the more campaigns we need to manage. That’s why finding a reliable ad tracking tool was one of our strategic goals. After the testing period, RedTrack has become an essential tool for our team.

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