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№1 Link tracking tool for marketers

Watch the performance behind every link across any channel and platform.

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Understand your web
visitors and customers

With insights into each step of your funnel, know when the link was clicked, and the lead acquired, how much was the cost and profit of every action, etc.

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All your channels - in one tool

Focus on strategy, not switching between multiple platforms. Gain a single source of truth on which marketing channels and campaigns bring you the best return.

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Built-In Fraud Check

Get visibility in the quality of traffic you buy or earn. Take advantage of the detailed fraud reports or set rules that automatically alert you when the ratio of low-quality traffic increases.

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Facebook ad tracking

Fill in the gaps of accurate conversion tracking after the iOS 14 update. Get the reliable conversion data and send it back to Facebook via Conversion API to optimize your campaigns further.

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Choose link tracking software:
RedTrack or Google Analytics?

Image RedTrack
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Tracking across channels
RedTrack allows you to see a full picture of your marketing performance: PPC, email, organic, influencers’ campaigns at one glance in a single dashboard.Google Analytics is a perfect tool to track the performance of your website: page views, bounce rates, time on the page, etc.
Tracking modes
Supports:API integration with 20+ sources (incl. Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok, Taboola, Bing, etc.)No-redirect, redirect, impression tracking (S2S privacy-friendly technologies)Creates a unified data experience between all ad channels and platformsUses scripts and API integration with Google Ads.
Data sampling (reporting)
RedTrack doesn’t use data sampling or aggregation. This is how you can rely on facts and data rather than assumptions and intuition.Your data is sampled for a larger number of sessions. It means GA never gives 100% accurate reports, it gives an approximate picture.
Fraud / bot detection
RedTrack reports different levels of bot traffic, from web scrollers to click spamming.Not available
Tracking costs, profit, and ROI
Easily set & customizable, supports auto cost-update for 10+ channels and has an automation feature set.It can be set by digging into the code only.
Support and onboarding assistance
Email, live chat, or dedicated manager’s support including custom onboarding & integrations, depending on the subscription plan.Not available
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