What ad tracker do ad agencies need?

Today hardly anyone will argue that an ad tracker is a must-have tool for anyone who is in digital advertising. Ad agencies, advertisers, affiliate marketers, media buyers – all of them have different needs, focuses, and performance indicators. However, there’s one pivotal thing that unites them: a desire for a reliable tool that will make the advertising process as effective, simple and unburdensome as possible. To find a multifunctional solution at an affordable price is a great success, isn’t it?

In this case study we reviewed the experience of a RedTrack user, global ad agency Grand Slam Media. You will learn :

1) who is Grand Slam Media and why their experience can be significant for others?

2) what are the core ad tracker features that ad agencies are looking for?

3) to what extent does RedTrack fulfill ad agencies needs?

4) why Grand Slam chose RedTrack over other trackers?

5) what auctions and bonuses does RedTrack currently have for ad businesses?

1. Who is Grand Slam Media?

Grand Slam Media is a global agency that specializes in Adult and Members’ Area (dating) traffic utilizing proprietary Real-Time Bidding platform – Adnium. Its strategic goal is to improve the communication threshold between buyers and sellers of online advertising. 

Aside from the dating vertical, Grand Slam Media also has outstanding expertise in such niches as gambling, cams and nutra. Thanks to their exclusive partnerships with leading and strategically dominant publishers and advertisers, Grand Slam Media has built a well-known name in the advertising market. They not only sell traffic but help clients to implement different strategies for various geos to make sure they reach their desired revenue outcome. Currently, Grand Slam Media has a keen focus on the English-speaking and DACH (Deutschland, Austria & Switzerland) markets. 

2. What are the core ad tracker features that ad agencies are looking for?

The functionality of any good tracker has gone far beyond tracking itself. The basic task for any ad tracker is to effectively track ads and help users to be efficient in decision-making by providing quick statistics and clear reporting. But is that enough in today’s busy and competitive advertising space? Simply put, it’s not. Today, ad tracker is a full-fledged assistant, optimizer, and manager. It helps you with all the routine tasks, takes your responsibilities when you’re busy, manages ad processes when your workplace is short-handed, and leads you to higher ROI. 


In RedTrack all of this is implemented along with:


  • Fraud Report that prevents you from wasting money on bot traffic.
  • Automation rules that will redistribute or stop your traffic if your set KPIs are not met.
  • Granular reporting with 30+ real-time data points for traffic monitoring and analysis to help you get the full picture, without sampling.
  • Publisher Panel for those who expand media buying into working directly with publishers or other affiliates.
  • Multi-user access and shared reports to organize work within team.


A major reason why we needed the ad tracker solution was for compiling and sending reports on performance traffic to our strategic partners and to further our effective monetization of remnant traffic



RedTrack users have full access to their statistics that reflects performance in real-time and can get extensive reports with 30+ data points



3. How does RedTrack help to cover the needs of ad agencies?

There are several cases when RedTrack can help ad agencies:

  • Monetization of remnant or under-monetized traffic
  • Quality ad- tracking
  • Producing clear and extensive reports for clients
  • Saving budget
  • Saving operating expenses on additional employees by offering automated features
  • Management of accounts 

    4. Why did you choose RedTrack among other alternatives?


We have chosen this tracker for several reasons:

-cost effectiveness

-advanced reports 

-insights that help to optimize and rotate offers.

-it enables you to make more intelligent decisions when considering creatives, traffic sources and offersgreat customer service and

-support ease of use 

-the ability to split test creatives, landing pages and offers to maximize profitability 

-price competitiveness 


5. Bonus section

As we see, the combination of RedTrack advanced tracking, management, and reporting tools features fully servers all the needs of ad agencies and help them provide quality service to their clients. Price competitiveness combined with excellent support makes it the perfect solution for small and medium-size teams in advertising business.

Till September 1 you can get all RedTrack professional solutions at a special price with Professional, Half-Professional, Business, and Half-Business plans on sale. You can read more about the auction here.

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Read more about automation solutions for ad agencies currently available on the market in RedTrack mini guide  

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