RedTrack Trusted Partner — Mobusi

With so much of advertising possibilities shifting to mobile devices, are you sure to be on the trend wave with the best?  

We are glad to announce the start of our cooperation with one of the most trusted mobile agencies worldwide — Mobusi.

RedTrack team has already added Mobusi to the list of Trusted Traffic Sources.  It now takes only a few clicks to set up tracking of your mobile advertising campaigns! Find Mobusi template with all the macros and postback URL automatically pre-filled inside our tracker.

conversion tracking

Detailed step-by-step guide on Mobusi — RedTrack integration is available in our Knowledge Base.

Why advertise with Mobusi?

Mobusi is a leading mobile user acquisition and marketing services company with an expertise in performance advertising.

Mobusi in numbers:

• deliver over 270 million clicks a day
• generate 550,000 daily conversations
• in more than 5,000 active worldwide campaigns

Working with Mobusi as an advertiser, you enjoy:

• a wide variety of traffic sources including direct publishers, media buyings, Native & Video ads or their own bidder for RTB;
• targeting the most appropriate ad for your audience, enabling to show the right ad at the right time for unmatched eCPMs;
• CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPE services;
• a complete set of products, such as Performance, Lazarus DSP, and Influensi for ensuring great results and meeting performance goals.

Visit their website to learn more.

If you have any questions about RedTrack — Mobusi integration, we are always glad to answer in our Telegram channel, or via email –

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