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RedTrack is a start-up. A 1,5 year old agile ad tech company with big goals and fast qualitative growth.


Last year was exciting for both of us: RedTrack users and team. Last September we released what we considered core ad tracking. We got hundreds of amazing users, received thousands of word of feedback and made our product better. 


This September we’ve made several significant steps towards our greater goal – removing as many manual and repetitive tasks from the work of affiliate marketers as possible.


We hope that you’re excited about new features and updates as much as we do. From the last – API based integration with traffic sources to let robots do some basic functions: update costs, pause non-performing campaigns, backlist placement, etc.


And now it’s time for us to adjust our pricing to more accurately reflect the value users get from RedTrack. The changes are coming into effect on September 16.


Important: All existing users will be able to keep their existing plans and existing pricing. All users who will want to subscribe to one of the paid plans or upgrade their subscription after September 16 will have access to:


Basic plan – a new plan with 1 mln events for USD 49 per month. It replaces our previous Starter plan. 


Pro plan – our flagship plan keeps 3 mln events but will be enriched with all integration and automation features for USD 99 per month. 


Business Plan – a plan with a full package of team productivity features like free team-member accounts, publisher/affiliate management, advertiser access will be available by default and number of events changed from 15 mln to 20 mln. For new subscriptions, the price will be USD 399 per month. 


– Custom Plan – a plan for those who want to scale their business. We can offer amazing volume discounts and free events for stress/load test. Please ask us for details.


We still have annual sale in place so use it as an opportunity to get your Pro/ Business subscription either at the old price or at the old price combined with the huge savings on annual deals.


All adjusted prices will be available on our website from September 16, 2019. Have any questions or concerns? We’re always glad to hear back from you via


Vlad Zhovtenko



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