Learn how the world's leading tracking ad solution
can support and guide you


We are committed to support our customers at every step of their journey. E-mail help desk being our primary channel, we also use other means and channels based on the situation requirements. From simple answers to recording explanatory videos to joining chats with you traffic source or affiliate network account managers – we are ready to help.

And we also hold regular onboarding sessions to help get up to speed when using RedTrack.io

Learning and tutorials

RedTrack.io is easy-to-use and intuitive. And if you need help checking the basics or learning some advanced features – there are multiple ways to learn.
In-app RedTrack.io TV
YouTube Channel
Telegram Channel

Account Management

If you need additional support running your account we can support you with account management services.

Custom Solutions

RedTrack.io packs hundreds of features and integrations. We cover most cases, but not all. When needed we are ready to extend our support further. We develop features and implement integrations on demand.