Meet RedTrack Trusted Partner – AdCombo

Our RedTrack team is primarily interested in two things — delivering an ultimate tracking solution to our users and connecting you with most trusted and effective networks.

We’re happy to introduce you to our new Partner — AdCombo, an innovative and popular CPA network with probably most friendly and helpful affiliate managers.

We have already added AdCombo to the list of Trusted Affiliate Networks with pre-configured settings. What does this mean for RedTrack users?

• you can start promoting your AdCombo offers in a matter of a few clicks, as  we’ve already integrated their postback template into the tracker;
• you can rapidly add AdCombo offers into your campaigns — the tracking and postback template URLs would be automatically prefilled;
• you get an in-depth reporting straight into your RedTrack account so you can control and optimize your campaigns to the greater results.

To see a step-by-step guide of AdCombo – RedTrack integration, please check out our Knowledge Base.

What are the benefits of working with AdCombo?

Here our reasons:

• they provide best payout rates with high conversion offers
• they work with most verticals, and have most qualitative commerce offers for Europe and Asia
• they’re the most experienced network when it comes to the COD model of leads (Cash on Delivery)
• they provide ready-made landing pages, so that the publishers should not worry about their customization
• they offer a wide range of GEOs. + rare GEOs characterized with low-competitive and cheap traffic 
• they provide a responsive and 24/7 support

For more information about AdCombo, visit their official website.

If you require any assistance with setting up RedTrack – AdCombo tracking, please contact our team —


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