[Interview] How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Our team is glad to announce the start of our cooperation with Clickadu — a high-performing advertising network for affiliates and media buyers.

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Ready to start advertising with Clickadu?

We asked Demian Mash, Head of Marketing at Clickadu, a few questions about their ad network, and some tips and pieces of advice on how to work with different ad formats. Let’s find the answers!

1Q: Please tell us the history of Clickadu creation and growth. Are there any specific advantages of your ad network?

1A: Clickadu advertising network was founded in 2014 and has grown to a decent player in the Digital Affiliate Market.

Plenty of advantages our partners may like:

• Traffic from direct publishers
• A huge variety of verticals for main and adult traffic.
• Self-Serve platforms for advertisers and publishers
• Wide selection of advertising formats
• CPM, CPC and SmartCPA pricing models
• And careful support. We do love our partners.

2Q: What requirements do you impose on the affiliates who want to join your network?

2A: As a matter of fact, we don’t have any particular requirements for affiliates. We give preference but not limited to publishers with search traffic. At least you need to have around 5K a day to have a good income.

3Q: I know that your main focus is pop traffic. Are you also planning to expand reach over other ad formats?

3A: Our big debut in the digital market was as a popunder network, this year we have expanded to a multi-formatted advertising network with 360 degrees coverage.

Today we can offer you not just popunders, but video, mobile dialog ads, and push notifications and there are more other advertising formats on the way. Just stay with us to be updated.

4Q: In regards to every ad format you work with — which ones could you offer for those who just start their journey in affiliate marketing?

4A: I would recommend you start with pop advertising.

Pop ads the cheapest and requires less efforts to buy traffic. All you need is an attractive landing page and a plenty of traffic to start.

5Q: What minimal start budget you recommend for each ad format?

5A: The initial budget for all advertising formats is $100, this sum is quite enough to figure out whether Clickadu traffic is suitable for offers you selected. Don’t forget to tune your targetings and bid in the process.

6Q: Let’s imagine that I’m a new affiliate, who wants to test pop traffic. Is there any advice or caution that you would give me?

6A: There are a lot of ‘quick buck case studies’ over the net describing aggressive advertising methods, tech-support, and other blackhat stuff. We highly recommend you to refrain from using them even though they look quite promising, it’s more like a huge money loss. Besides, Cliсkadu takes all those violations seriously and we don’t allow this kind of stuff.

7Q: Let’s imagine again — I’m a total noob in bidding. Which approach should I focus first — bid high or low to test the campaign?

7A: We would recommend you to set average, or recommended bid. Use Inventory Planner to choose the appropriate bid or you can always contact your personal manager os support team. We are always glad to help.

8Q: Do you witness any shifting/ trends towards particular advertising formats?

8A: This year quite a lot of advertisers have switched from pop traffic to video and native ads.

We suppose that this trend will be growing up in the future and we do not hesitate to move in this direction.

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9Q: Any predictions about mobile and desktop traffic? Maybe you witness the interest among Clickadu users towards particular traffic?

9A: Back in 2016 we have had around 40% mobile traffic of the total. Now, the number is above 65% and eventually continues to grow as well as mobile traffic demand. It’s not a secret that mobile will take the lead over the market. It’s well-targeted and on the move.

Yet, don’t discard desktop traffic. There are plenty of offers that go well with the desktop especially with Clickadu traffic.

10Q: It’s said that 2018 has been a year of botnets. Does Clickadu offer any bot/fraud filtering features?

10A: This year we have moved to a new ad server, refactored all the algorithms including bot and fraud filtering. We’re using our in-house solutions, that check traffic for 36 different matters. The simple of that: no touch, window and screen dimensions, browser and OS versions relevance and a lot more other stuff.

Thanks for the answers, Demian!

Try to follow the above tips and share your experience in our Telegram Community!

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