Going for Thailand GEO in Affiliate Marketing

Thailand GEO: peculiarities, high payouts, top offers

Are you looking into diversifying your GEOs? Ever wondered how to step into Thailand GEO?
Even though it is a Tier 3 GEO, we should not forget that sometimes it is much easier to step into this wild west of GEO advertising than trying to fight with all the regulations and competitors in Tier 1. If you want to learn more about how to be successful in Thailand GEO — read this material created in collaboration with our partner affiliate network Everad. In this detailed article, you will find TA peculiarities, the most profitable offers, combos, and creatives.

Target audience profile: population, languages, preferences

Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia. It is a country of beautiful beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins, and Buddhist temples.

Thai is the official language of the country. Besides, there are a lot of people who speak English, Chinese and Japanese. However, it is better to use texts in Thai, as the majority of the population speaks Thai. Ask your personal manager if you need any help with the translation.

Thailand GEO pecularities


Thai people and the internet: popular websites

Google, Facebook, and Youtube are among the most popular websites. Pantip – popular Thai forum goes forth. Google.co.th and messenger Line.me take the 5th and 6th places. Twitter ranked 7th and the news website Sanook.com – as 8th. Adult website Xvideos.com and one more news portal Thairath.co.th are the last in this top.

TOP-10 Most Visited Websites in Thailand

TOP-5 social media networks

We have already mentioned that Thai people love to spend time on the internet. 75% of the population use social media networks and most of them use their mobile phone for this purpose. In addition to world-popular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Thai people also use messenger Line.

TOP-5 Social Media in Thailand

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Online shopping: peculiarities and preferences

Taking into account that Thai people use the internet actively it is not surprising that they like online shopping. The local population could be especially interested in health and beauty goods, foods, technical devices.

Women’s audience could be interested in weight loss offers and skin whitening offers. Men’s audience will appreciate adult offers.

Health problems

Life expectancy is not so high in Thailand. On average Thai people live about 75 years. The figure could be more, but there are some health problems such as drinking issues, smoking and an unhealthy diet. Such addiction affects health and male fertility.

Both women and men dream to become slim once and forever. Therefore there is a high demand for weight loss products. 

One more problem – parasites. Thailand is a tropical country, so there are a variety of living creatures. Pests could find its victim in unexpected places. 

And lastly, joints and varicose remedies could find a target audience in this country too.

What sources of traffic to use?

Facebook, Google, MGid, Adnow, Yengo

Thailand: TOP niches

Thailand TOP niches

Thailand TOP niches

Thailand TOP niches

Get amounts of profit with hot offers and top creos

Urenol, Prostatitis

CREO Example for Thailand

Bionica, weight loss

CREO Example for Thailand


CREO Example for Thailand

Main rules for creatives


While starting a campaign avoid prohibited images. It is strictly prohibited to use the following things on your promos:

  • famous people and celebrities pictures
  • people of certain professions
  • the royal family members
  • monks
  • public authority representatives of Thailand
  • Thai doctors (their names and photos)
  • any images with Garuda bird
  • mention any government institution, especially the Ministry of Health
  • copy official websites of news portal

As an alternative you may use:

  • photos of Singaporeans or Vietnamese people
  • Japanese with white skin (for skin whitening offers)
  • European celebrities
  • Fictional characters (not Thai people)


All in all, there is a lot to discover in Thai GEO. If you want to enter a chance to earn high payouts while advertising for Thailand, consider joining the affiliate network Everad! Welcome to the EveradChat!


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