Why should I go for SaaS solution instead of hosted which gives me total control?

Studies show that every 1-second delay in page load results in a 7% conversion DECREASE. Use a clunky tracking script on your own shared hosting account or a tracking software that slows down with each half a million clicks and servers that require constant attention? Well, you’re throwing money away.

RedTrack is 100% web-based with nothing to install or hassle with. It lives “in the cloud” and was designed to be infinitely scalable, resulting in lightning-fast click processing that makes you more money.

How does RedTrack handle high load campaign?

Robust technology for exceptional performance and fast redirects. We use modern technology stack and state-of-the-art infrastructure to allow extremely fast processing of high volumes of data. Right now we serve advertisers and affiliates with volumes up to 7 mln clicks a day.

RedTrack is fast and reliable. With multiple redundancy measures in place we had a 100% uptime in last 3 months and 99,99% in last 12 months.

Can I add custom affiliate network or traffic source?

Yes. In addition to over 80 supported pre-set Networks and Traffic Sources, you are able to add any custom platform you wish to use.

Can I run multiple offers/Landing pages within one campaign?

Yes. RedTrack supports multiple streams within one Campaign – you may add as many Offers and Landers as you wish to track.

Can I buy traffic/ads from RedTrack?

1. RedTrack Demand Side Platform (DSP) provides access to multiple ad exchanges right from your tracker interface, allowing you to purchase traffic from a great range of websites.
2. RedTrack CPAPI integrated hundreds of Affiliate Networks, enabling access and management of the very best offers in one place.

What about different geos and click redirect latency?

RedTrack redirect engine is using Amazon AWS multiple availability zones hosting ensuring fast redirects for campaigns in any geo.

You can also leverage several features for multi-geo campaign tracking and optimization ensuring you have an opportunity to convert each click.

How do I begin working with the platform?

After signing up (it’s 100% free!), check out RedTrack overview video and refer to our onboarding guidelines for a smooth and easy start.

Is my data secure with RedTrack?

Аll clients’ information is encrypted, and we do not have any access to it. Our support team can have limited access to clients’ account based on their permission.

RedTrack has its customers and their trust as top priority. If you have any information regarding your account security, information access, and procedures – please ask us for details.

What online marketing campaigns can I measure with RedTrack?

You can use RedTrack to measure all online marketing campaigns that involve using a link.

Can I track mobile traffic?

Yes. RedTrack is a great tracking solution for both, web and mobile traffic.

How fast are the redirects?

Being a SaaS solution, RedTrack doesn’t depend on the performance of your server and provides instant redirects worldwide.

Does RedTrack provide a tracking domain?

Yes. You can choose to use our default tracking domain for free without any restrictions, or set up a custom tracking domain. As our default tracking domain is used by many users we highly recommend to use your custom tracking domain. Here is how to set it up.

What unique options does RedTrack offer as compared to other trackers?

RedTrack focuses on user experience as much as on complex feature set. We also constantly add new and innovative features like CPAPI and AI Smartlinks.

What happens if I exceed the clicks provided by free plan/my subscription?

Don’t worry – the tracking process does not stop even after you exceed the number of clicks included in your plan. To access your data on free plan, simply upgrade to one of the plans with higher limit. For paid subscriptions you can either purchase add-on or pay for events overuse with the next subscription automatically.

What kind of support can I expect to receive?

RedTrack is easy to use and we are always ready to help. From our extensive documentation and FAQ to e-mail and Skype assistance we are here to help.

How can I receive training or step-by-step instructions?

You may refer to our Knowledge Base for detailed guidelines or contact us at support@redtrack.io and schedule a Skype demo session.