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Mission: scale revenue. One stop BFCM strategy

Don’t create another campaign to be lost in billion $ Black Friday ad spend. Use this guide to help you prepare for upcoming chaos with analytics, UGC-crafting, and extra-automation.

Scale revenue with

Scale revenue with

Scale revenue with

Scale revenue with

Scale revenue with

Scale revenue with

Step 1

Most Wanted Offer

Create the offer that customers won’t be able to resist

It’s really hard to stay noticed during BF. Everyone makes crazy discounts. Everyone runs ads. You have to make your offer really stand out before crafting unique designs for your creatives.
Here are some tips to ensure it:

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    Identify your TA (target audience) for BF campaign.
    It might not coincide with your TA in general.
    Who do you wanna sell to during BF?
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    Identify the perks and bonuses this TA would want to receive the most. Before making discounts, evaluate if it’s better to give something extra rather than just decreasing the price.
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    Try to be creative and invent bundles. Bundles help you sell more products or services and increase the average ticket.

How to prepare for Black Friday

Check this guide to prepare your business for Black Friday marketing campaign.

Step 2

Produce Analytics Machine

In order to make amazing revenue during the BF, you have to ensure you track & analyze every channel and ad properly.

It’s important to track every single ad or channel. But it’s even more important to set up tracking in advance so once all campaigns are launched you can monitor results and act accordingly. Here are some steps to follow:

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    Choose events you wanna track. Add-to-cart? Payments? Abandoned carts?
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    Create tracking funnels out of chosen events if needed
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    Make sure you have tracking script on all pages to ensure all clicks are captured to later notify you about the sources of the conversions
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    Connect all the systems & platforms to consolidate data accordingly (finances, CRMs, etc.)

◀️ Check out a detailed tracking guide for your BFCM campaigns


Ad tracking & analytics guide for your Black Friday campaign 2022

Here you will learn all the how-to in order to set up tracking & analytics. It will help you cut ad loss and scale what works.

Step 3

Scale With Original UGC Videos

Use the power of custom-made videos by vetted creators from all over the United States.

What is the secret sauce to your video marketing strategy? Being reliable & trustworthy. And here you need the helping hand of creators. Here are some tips for you:

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    Start warming up your TA as early as possible. A great starting video would be a “how to”. It will showcase your product or service and explain how it really works.
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    Make your offer seen with authentic UGC (user-generated) type of content made by real creators.
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    Seal the deal with a video review. It will show more trust in your product.
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UGC cheat-sheet for your Black Friday campaign

Here are our PRO tips on how to survive & thrive this BFCM season with a really simple yet really effective video content strategy.

Step 4

Let it be… automated!

Once all marketing campaigns are working, you can relax. But only with automation.

Okay, if you set up your tracking & analytics, this part comes easy. When you integrated all your marketing channels, it’s time to automate. What you need to have to run successful automation for your marketing is here:

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    Auto-Cost update: the more frequent — the better. It means you will receive the updates on your campaigns costs. And this is super important for further optimization.
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    Stop & Go Rules. It’s gonna be amazing if you can set certain rules for your campaigns. Like if CR < 3%, then STOP campaign & similar.
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    Scale rules. This will allow you to manage the budgets & bids of your campaigns according to their performance. Cool, isn’t it?

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Marketing Automation in post-cookies era

Automate your performance marketing to spend more time on creative activities and lose manual tasks

Step 5

Revenue times!

Once creatives are crafted, tracking is set up, automation tweaked, it’s time to get revenue through BFCM campaigns.

In order to achieve great results during BFCM you have to follow a couple of steps:

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    Turn data into insights. Use various reporting options in order to understand what really works. Which ads work better? Which ad combinations bring results? Analyze — then optimize
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    You might need to set up any additional tracking. Make sure to follow the same logic of your initial setup.
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    You might need to add some more creatives to spice up your mix. Don’t forget about UGC, but here’s the bonus inspiration for you ▶️

Creative Black Friday Ad Banners for 2022 Campaigns

Get inspired with these ad banners selection in order to spice up your Black Friday campaign.

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